Applications of Ultraviolet Disinfection Unit in Pharmaceuticals

In the wake of unprecedented Covid19 pandemic, every one of us has the responsibility to slow down the spread of the invisible enemy. Running an industry isn’t easy, especially during these difficult times.
  1. In the wake of unprecedented Covid19 pandemic, every one of us has the responsibility to slow down the spread of the invisible enemy. Running an industry isn’t easy, especially during these difficult times. Manufacturing units have been hit quite severely due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, if you are operating a drug manufacturing unit, the case is different. As drug and pharma supplies are more than essential now, you should keep your drug manufacturing up and running.

    While doing so, you can’t put your employees at risk by taking this coronavirus spread easily. You should do everything possible to keep your manufacturing units free from this deadly virus. The ultraviolet disinfection units will be able to keep up this promise. Let’s see its applications in pharmaceuticals here:

    UV Light and Its Mode of Action

    UV light or Ultraviolet light (here represents UVC) is electromagnetic non-ionizing radiation of wavelengths 240 to 280 nm. It has been used in effective antisepticising and disinfecting of microbes. Disinfection with UV light will act as a mutagen, causing DNA mutation during cell exposure. In pharmaceuticals, the ultraviolet disinfection unit has several applications. Before going into that, let’s understand its mode of action.

    When microbes (including coronavirus) are subjected to UV light, their cellular DNA will absorb this energy by their purine and pyrimidine bases due to which thymine molecules will link together. As such, these thymine molecules will not be able to encode adenine on mRNA units during protein synthesis. In addition to this, replication of the chromosome during binary fission will also be impaired.

    Thus damaged organisms or Covid19 for that matter will no longer be able to produce important proteins or multiply and dies. According to experts, ultraviolet disinfection units are especially useful in killing viruses. We can say that the dose of UV light is more than enough to damage thymine molecules of these organisms, which is why the effectiveness of this radiation is rated at more than 99.99%.

    Ultraviolet Disinfection Unit – Pharma Applications

    The first application of UV disinfection can be dated back to 1916. It was successfully used in water disinfection. In pharmaceuticals, ultraviolet disinfection units have several applications as follows:

    #Purified Water System

    UV disinfection for water is a major technique wherein the ultraviolet disinfection unit will be fitted in the return loop of the water distribution system. Whenever water passes this way, it will be subjected to germicidal treatment. Thus, it will help prevent the entry of viruses into your storage tank from your distribution units.

    #Effluent Water

    In order to decrease the bioburden of the environment, wastewater in pharmaceuticals is to be treated with UV disinfection before being released. This is especially important during this Covid19 pandemic time because you should never put anyone at risk for contracting this fatal virus. Just have the ultraviolet disinfection unit fit near the effluent treatment system and make it safer before disposal.

    #Biosafety Cabinet

    Laminar Airflow Chamber is called the “Class 100” area in pharmaceuticals. Making this area free from microbes is not an easy job. Disinfection with UV light plays a prominent role to steer clear the bioburden in laminar airflow and get a sterile area.

    #Pass Boxes

    Pass boxes are utilized to transmit the materials across various classified classes. Every pass box should be installed with a UV disinfection unit to minimize the entry of microbes in the sterile area. Above all, it’s important to have these units installed in all entrance and exit rooms where there is a risk of contamination through the passing air.

    Now, the applications of UV light disinfection in pharmaceuticals are apparent. During this tough Covid19 pandemic, you might be looking for trusted sellers of UV disinfection units. PXL Sanitizer – UV Disinfection Unit will serve the cause without any hassle. Know more about the product here.


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